Futsal is a variant of football played mainly in the large courtyard, with 5 people per team and originate from Uruguay in 1930.

The match took place on the hard courts, with small balls and bouncing over many, requiring more technical, finesse and skill to handle the ball in the narrow range.

What You Should Know About the Way the Ball In Futsal

– Start the match: before the match started, choosing the pitch or kick the ball dispenser must be determined by tossing a coin. The team was selected that will bridge the priority which his team will attack in round one of the battle.

The other team will be the right to kick the ball to start the match results. The team is entitled to choose the pitch will be rock the result handed the ball to start the second.

– Make the results serve as a form of start or restart the match: at the time of starting the match. After each valid goals. At the time of starting the second half of the match.

At the time of the start of each extra time of the match. Results delivered the ball went directly into the subject bridge is recognized as a valid goal.

– The process of conducting ball results: all players of the two teams stand on the team. The team’s players not to be right handed the ball to stand at least 3 m away from the ball until the ball is put into the.

The ball must be placed at the point of delivery of the ball in the centre circle. The referee will blow the whistle to start the match. The ball after it is kicked and moves.

The player kicks the ball not delivered results continue to touch the ball a second time if the ball has not been touched by a player or stones.

-In case the pitcher hits the ball the second advance contact before the ball is kicked or touched by a player on the other team enjoying fine fruit enemy indirectly at the point of failure.

For any violation error would occur during the delivery of the ball, the results handed the ball were to be done again.

Some Bugs And How to Sanction



  • Drop the ball touch the ground: after every pause the match for any reason not stated in the law on competition and at which the ball is not yet beyond the horizontal and vertical border border, then the match is continued by the fruit drop the ball touch the ground.
  • The process of conducting the fruit drop the ball touch the ground: one of the two referees make drop the ball touch the ground at the place where the ball stops. Fruit drop the ball touch the ground again when a player touches the ball: there before the ball hits the ground. After the drop hits the ground, the ball crossed the street limit, before the player hits the ball.
  • Special case: defense team enjoying fine fruit in his team’s penalty area can place the ball at any point in the penalty area. The attacking team enjoyed a fine result indirectly in the defensive team’s penalty area, the ball is placed on the penalty area limit in point near where most foul. If the fruit drop the ball touch the ground was made in the penalty, the ball will be dropping on the penalty area line and near the stop ball position.

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