Sports training brings huge benefits in improving fitness, health promotion, prevention of disease for the episode. However, there are many cases of injury and accident risk, the more serious is the fatal accident during training and competition.

These issues mainly about sports injuries, first aid and preventive way now were many people concerned. To know more about these issues, we will direct more of the trauma easily encountered in the training and competition as well as first aid and injury prevention.

The Meaning of the Prevention of Injuries in Sports Activities

+ The most important purposes as rehearsing sports participation is to improve the health, physical development of each person.

But if do not know or do not follow the principles of the scientific method, in sports activities, the work has to happen the injuries: stun, fainting, sprains, joint damage and dislocation, broken bones, could be more serious tremors the brain or spine.

+ To happen make injury to health, fitness, learning outcomes and the work behind this goal is completely wrong when taking gymnastic training.

So, knowing the cause and how to prevent not to injury occurs as the necessary requirements in training and competition.

The Principles You Need to Know When Participating In Sports Activities


+ Health check before playing sports: general health check, detect potential diseases that can cause life-threatening such as inflammation of the heart muscle, heart rhythm disorders, asthma.

The detection of defects can cause musculoskeletal system trauma. The detection of the condition that the player should not participate in any sport. Reviews of power for the sport they choose. Give advice on exercise programs.

+ Workout clothes should fit help for secure sessions and bring the comfort. During the workout, clothes should use the kind made from cotton material, cotton to the body not being thermal area.

The main cause is injury usually causes problems on running shoes and the mistakes in training methods. The shoes are especially important for people who practice the sport.

Choose the right shoes will make people exercise sports feel good, relaxed and not cause injury. While running with shoes is not the correct size or poor quality often makes the feeling of discomfort and can cause the injury will foot and knee.

A Few External Conditions Can Impact the Health of Sport Training


+ Training in different weather conditions: harsh climate conditions often have certain influences for sports training. To avoid the effects that cause unpleasant feeling the need to adopt special preventive measures.

Training in hot and humid climate conditions are easy to do stress the climate control of the body, causing fatigue and if still continues to maintain the practice may appear exhausted condition due to high temperature.

When starting to exercise in hot, humid weather conditions needed to decreasing the intensity of campaigning in half, the weeks following workout can increase the intensity gradually to normal levels.

+ Should use proper tools, not excessive exercise, to master the techniques of sports training.

Do hot, stretch the muscle helps the heart pump blood, increases nerve impulse conduction increases, soft and warm the muscles, increase room sebum lubricates joints. Cycling in place, run slower, go fast, climbing stairs, jumping rope.

Not tired, just to start to stretch the muscle. When sweating is medium. Not jumping up and down to stretch the elastic muscle and do so quickly.

After the launch, the need to stay high as running, swimming, cycling, heart rate should reach 50% of the maximum pulse rate.

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