“Hunters cannot expect to have an efficient hunting trip without a good pair of hunting boot: it is just simple as that. After all, it is for their safety and comfort during their hunt. Shopping for hunting boots is not an easy task – you can click here for a detailed guide of the best hunting boot. This article mainly focuses on the most popular materials for hunting boot – this is an essential factor to consider in making your purchase”


1. Canvas

Though considered an outdated material, canvas can still offer a number of benefits. Canvas shoes are very breathable; people who look for shoes with great airflow will like these for sure because they dry out very quickly.

Plus, canvas material is quite affordable. Last but not least, the shoes can be sealed at home or by the manufacturer to make them more waterproof.

2. Suede

Suede is great option for hunting boots because it not only well-insulated but also very flexible. Soft and attractive, suede boots can keep your feel warm and comfortable all day. You will usually find this material on the supper part of the boot.
There are three things to note about this material:

  • It can be heavy
  • It requires good maintenance to keep its outside appearance
  • It must be treated to resist water so that it will not get rot or stained.

3. Leather

This is arguably the best material for hunting boots due to its great durability and foot support.

Experienced hunters normally opt for leather hunting boots to get good comfort during their hunt, especially in rough terrain. You will find leather uppers in most classic hunting boots.
Be aware that leather is not a very breathable material; it is also quite heavy and costly. If you wish your leather boots to protect you well from water and moisture and to keep their color, make sure you condition/seal them on a periodical basis.

Regular and proper maintenance is the key to keep the leather quality.

4. Nylon Mesh

For the newest and most advanced material for hunting boot, nylon mesh is your choice for sure. You will love its durability, flexibility and water-resistance features, which make it suitable for any terrain and weather condition.

Plus, it is very lightweight and well-ventilated. The only downside is that it does not provide good warm protection due to its construction.

5. Rubber

Previously, rubber was the most common material for hunting boots. Do not just dismiss it because it seems to be a thing in the past, especially when you need to hunt in cold, wet and muddy locations.

This highly durable material is the best when it comes to water repellence. It offers great foot support and protection. However, it is less popular nowadays due to its heavy weight and inflexibility compared to other types of material.

6. Gore-Tex

This is a more advanced material compared to nylon: besides all the benefits that nylon offers, it also keeps your feet so warm and dry.

Commonly used as an insulator, Gore-Tex is a very flexible, versatile and completely waterproof material well-loved by many hunters.

7. Closed-Cell Foam

If you take a close look at insoles of top hunting boots these days, they are all made of closed-cell foam. This is a great material for your boots because it is very sturdy, lightweight and moisture-proof.

Hunters who have to stand at one place and move around a lot prefer this supportive and springy material.

Neoprene is the most popular type of closed-cell foam material. Though not breathable (that is why it is normally bonded with another material or used as a liner or for the upper pats) and less durable than rubber, this material is 100% waterproof, lightweight and can keep your feet warm.

“Hopefully by now, you can make an informed decision about the suitable material for your hunting boots. Make sure you include the type of hunting terrain and weather in your consideration”

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