Injury in sports is something can always happen. The treatment of trauma often limit achievement of stretching and exercise capacity.

So, the best we need to understand the ways of the prevention to reduce the risk of injury, which start before and relax after the set is simple and effective remedies for help to prevent injury.

A Few Common Causes And How to Prevent Injuries in Sports

+ Don’t execute properly a few of basic principles in practice and competition. Need to practice sports regularly, consistently and systematically.

From mild to severe and levels from simple to complex according to a certain plan, not hasten, improvisation. Training match ability and health of each person.

Does not guarantee the principles of hygiene in sports training. The dress rehearsal is inconsistent. Eat and drink too much before or after the episode. No workout environment ensure requirements for light, air, temperature.

+ Do not comply with the rules and discipline in training and competition. The workout or sports competition is a collective activity, so the need to comply with the regulation in earnest to avoid injury occurs.

+ When starting a training session or before compete necessarily proceed boot for good to take the body adapts gradually with the status active.

In the basic part of every training session needed from mild to severe, and from simple to complex. Do not file the motion hard, dangerous when there is no help, guides, insurance.

Before the end of a training session or after the competitions, need to do exercises to relax to take the body from the dynamic state of normal status. In training or competition, if not good, need to report medical staff and take measures to handle the suit. Not competed without a certain training.

+ Schools should organize the cleanup of the training area and check the fix the means, instruments before exercise. Need a plan to plant trees, build the sewer system and handled to infect places where clean, dry training.

Should wearing sports uniform when training. Not much to eat before and after exercise. After the workout, it should rest, should not sit where there is wind or cold water bath immediately because very susceptible.

How Trauma First Aid When Active Sports

+ Apply cold: apply cold on the ice down the injury to be used as a standalone method lies in the treatment of sports injuries. This method is simple but effective, however bring back hugely.

Cold cold working increases the threshold of excitement of the muscle fibers, reducing the intensity of metabolic processes, reducing edema, pain in the region of the injury. Relieve muscle spasms leading to improve circulation and as a result reduce metabolic disorders in the region with an injury.

+ Tape tape or tapes used presses: tape pressed the injury enough to reduce edema and create stepping for the joint muscle injury.

The ice pressed the injury conducted during cold conditioning by ice over ice blocks and in the time between the two waves of ice down cold.

+ Keep high posture: The lesions need to be kept in the advanced postures to avoid bad blood stasis and limit the development of edema.

Depending on the division of injury that I have hanging high posture accordingly in order not to hamper the activity of the person.

The episode was injured the foot should lie down and you can use pillows to raise sore leg section cushion.

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