All the fans of football usually know very well the laws and characteristics of the football pitch. But for futsal, the subjects not everyone knows much. Here are a few points worth noting about football in the house.

1. The First Thing About Futsal You Need to Know

  • Football pitch as if each team off the pitch with a maximum of 11 players, including 5 just futsal goalkeeper. Number of players the maximum reserve in a match is 7, the number of times to change the reserve players (including the replacement of the reserve goalie) in a match with no restrictions.
  • Alternative, still be entitled to the leave the game field another player substitution. The replacement of the reserve players can be conducted when the ball or outsider. On the other hand, any player can also replace the position of goalkeeper.
  • In case you want to replace the goalkeeper by a reserve player, that player should wear the right goalkeeper Jersey number that the player has to register at first.

2. The Second Thing About the Necessary Equipment of Futsal Subjects You Need to Know

  1. Of futsal is made of wood or artificial material, wood or similar surface, or any flat, smooth material and do not wear. Game field standard organizes the international matches of size length from 38-42 m, and a width of 20-25 m.
  2. With regard to the organization of the games carrying the lower pitch levels can have from 25-42 m, width from 16-25 m, to ensure soccer matches have the rectangle with a border bridge is horizontal and the shorter border along the border. The ceilings are high competition from 4m and over.
  3. 2m height and have bridge width 3m. Grids made of jute, hemp or nylon are attached to the back of the head into the frame and horizontal. The lower part of the net is attached to the curved tube or a means of proper support. The depth of the frame is 80 cm at the top and 1m at the bottom.

3. Some Jurisdictions In Futsal You Need to Know

–  About time, a futsal match consists of two, every 20 minutes from the association. The follow each match by referee now subject to take on, every time the ball dead, the referee will give pause to the clock when the ball was put in the.

Shortly before the end of each round, if a team is entitled to penalty or penalty rounds directly, it must be long enough to have done fine results.

-Enemy team will enjoy a direct penalty when a player on the other team’s offense one of 6 consecutive error according to arbitration is but do not deliberately but had used excessive power needed. A free kick from the penalty was awarded to the opponent if the offending a player right in the zone of the home team.

– In addition, in each round, the teams are entitled to ask for consultation once with the time 1 minute. If in half, the team would not request consultation then was second to Italian society. Vacation time between two American association of no more than 15 minutes.

-In a knockout match, if the two ends of the main agreement with the republic of the two teams will have played two more extra time every 5 minute association.

If after 2 extra time still ends with the male of the republic will have to use to penalties to assign winning under 3 won 2.

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