Rules of the game of futsal by FIFA (the world football federation) or AMF (indoor football association in the world) issued and maintained, it can also be selected in the framework which allows to suit each and every local tournament…

A Few Things to Know About the Rules of the Game Futsal

– Number of players: each match must have two teams, each team has a maximum of 5 players, including a goalkeeper.

The order replaced the player: in any match of an official award by the FIFA, the football federation of the continent or the national football league, the reserve players were used instead.

-The number of reserve players a maximum of 7. The number of times to change the reserve players in a match with no restrictions. Players have the remain the right to revisit the game field another player substitution.

The replacement of the reserve players can be conducted when the ball or the outsider, but must be done properly the following rules: players must be replaced departed through the area instead of his team’s players.

Players are also right on from the area instead of his team and the player must wait for players to be replaced was completely out of the game field.

-A substitute be competed or not is the right decision of the referee. The replacement of the end when replacement players left the pitch and the players have been replaced on the yard.

At this time the reserve players became official and player replaced is no longer the official player. Any player can also replace the position of goalkeeper.

The Common Errors In Futsal And Sanctions

-While substitute, if a reserve player on the pitch when the player replaced has not left off completely, then: to stop the match. Forcing players to be replaced quickly departed.

Caution and a fine player on the yellow card and forced the player to leave the pitch to complete the procedure. The match began with fine results indirectly to enemy team where the ball stops.

-While substitute, if a reserve player on the pitch or the player be replaced leaving the pitch wasn’t right the area instead of the team’s players: penalize yellow card offense players and forced the player to leave the pitch to expedite due process.

The match was continued by result indirectly in the enemy team penalty spot the ball stops. The decision of the board in international law: to start the match, each team must have 5 players.

-In the case of many players suffered disqualification, if either team does not have enough 3 players on the field, the match will be cancelled. A team officials could be tactical instructions to the players during the match.

However, the officials not to obstruct the players, referees, while they competed and served on the court, and must always behave, behavior.

Competition Time

  • A match consists of two, every 20 minutes from the association. Shortly before the end of each round, if a team is entitled to penalty or penalty rounds directly, it must be long enough to have done fine results.
  • Assembly time: in each round, the team was right to consultation with a 1 minute time but must adhere to the following principles: a new team of officials are right to ask the time 1 minute consultation through to arbitration now. The referee now allows only Italian association football when a team that is to control the ball.

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