Sport is one of the best methods to help you lose weight quickly. However, you will gain weight very quickly or the body is always in a state of fatigue without a corresponding nutrition. So how nutrition is right for sport mode with your weight?

First, you need to define the sport is one of the methods to help you lose weight as well as have a nice physique, a healthy body. Absolute sports training is not your life, should only spend up to 4 hours to rehearse every day.

You should set a healthy diet to help your body function better, metabolic processes also take place continuously. The following are some of the basic principles of nutrition which you need to perform when sport weight.

Eat More Vegetables And Fruit

Our bodies need about 20-30 grams of fiber each day to serve food metabolism, creating the feeling of no longer and metabolism of sugar. And vegetables is one of the best sources of fiber.

Moreover, the natural substances in fruits and vegetables will help increase the amount of antioxidants as well as body produces free radicals in cells at the sports training weight.

The best way to fully absorb the nutrients from the vegetables and fruit is eaten raw or cooked. Add a little olive oil will help to make the process of absorption takes place faster.

Don’t Eat Too Many Whole Grains

The grains over refined like rice, pasta, bread or biscuits will increase acidity while practicing sport weight. This makes food metabolism and the body’s recovery slowed. So, should not eat more grains, especially before you start on the hour.

Stay Away From Fat

The saturated fat is the direct cause leading to the blood fat disease, hardening of the arteries. So, although there are sport weight or not you should also minimize the fat-containing foods such as butter, cream, phomai animals and the types of fast food.

Make Sure to Provide Enough Protein Per Day

Proteins are very essential for the body. Nutrition experts recommend that every day you need to supply about 1.2 – 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Those Mistakes Need to Know When the Nutrition In Sport Weight

+ Forgot to drink water before sports training weight. Though you do not feel thirsty, you should drink half a liter of water before work to lose weight about 1 hour.

And maintain the drink at all during exercise, drink small each and drink every 15 minutes. Hydration process helps minimize damage by muscle strain or sprain.

+ Drink carbonated or tonic water after sports training weight. Carbonated or tonic water can make you feel unwell in the instantaneous but it makes substances potentially your weight loss effort becomes meaningless.

Pure water should still be the top choice. If you want to change the password can add 2 tablespoons syrup per quart of water.

+ Sport immediately after the meal. Tips for you to play sports after at least three hours after eating. To help the digestion process happen faster than you should eat more vegetables and fruits than the fat, more grease.

+ Power supply using the road. The road also has the effect of helping you better but they are also the culprits that increase blood sugar, long the day can result in the risk of stroke.

So, to provide a way for the body you should choose foods which contain natural sugar such as apples, bananas, pears and eat about 1 hour before work.

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