Futsal derives from the phrase Spanish fútbol sala or fútbol de salón, mean football machine. Futsal started in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier, a teacher in Montevideo, Uruguay, held the football match on a small scale in the house for his students. The first match took place on the basketball court and the first futsal law book published in september 1933. His goal is to create a football like game that can be played both indoors after the soccer fever throughout Uruguay.

Indecent Behaviour And Error In Futsal

– Free: the enemy team will enjoy a direct penalty when a player on the other team’s offense to one of the following error 6 which according to arbitration is but do not deliberately but had used excessive power needed or due to carelessness: stone or seek to kick the enemy. Become or find a way to grab the opponent by on or touch the elbow (hands, feet) on the enemy from the front or behind. Jump on the enemy.
– If the player violates one of the five following errors then the enemy will also enjoy 1 free result: spitting on the enemy. Looking on the ball when the ball in or beyond the control of the opposition, except the goalkeeper in his team’s penalty area but not used power moves overkill or careless, violent.
– Fine fruits are made directly at the place where the foul occurred, unless the results are fine for defensive team enjoying his team’s penalty area. In this case the fine results can be done at any point in the penalty area.
– Penalty: if a player intentionally violate any one of the errors on his team’s penalty area, the enemy team will enjoy 6 m penalty regardless of the ball in the placement.
– Indirect penalty: goalkeeper violates one of the following errors then the enemy team will enjoy the results indirectly fine: after playing the ball, hits the ball back from the line of team players that the ball does not pass road between pitch or not to touch or stone by enemy players.

These Faults Caution

– Reserve player or players were warned and received a yellow card if one of the following error: there are fraudulent in sport. Have the words and actions of protest against the arbitration decision. Repeatedly violate the law. The delay put the ball on the. Non compliance with rules on located in the corner, border, or shadow play call up results. On the yard or back yard is not allowed by the referee or the violation of the order of replacement players. Arbitrarily leaving the yard is not allowed by the referee.
– The error being disqualification: crude game. There are acts of violence. Spitting on the enemy or to any other person. Prevents a goal scoring opportunity or a distinctly of the enemy by deliberately playing ball with your hand (not applicable with the goalkeeper in his team’s penalty area). Prevents a goal scoring opportunity or an opponent’s apparent action by mistake will be a free kick or penalty. Use words or actions profanity. Get a second yellow card in the same match.
– Players suffer disqualification to not be in the back yard and also not sitting in seats reserved for the launch of the reserve, and the player must leave the vicinity on the game field. The team has a player been disqualification will lack the competition in 2 minutes. 2 minute time penalty may be shortened when the match scored.

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